Monday, January 19, 2015

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Monday was awesome! I travelled alone.. WEIRD. To Curitiba for four hours to go to a meeting with everyone and guess who my companion was?!?!?!? SISTER T. Gosh it was so amazing seeing everyone there :) And here we were, all sad at the conference that we wouldn´t see each other again. BUT we´re gonna see each other until we get home! I saw Sister T, Sister P, and Sister D. I´ll be able to see sister D because we will have reunions every transfer! WHOOOHOOO! :D It was probably the best thing ever. Gosh I love them so much :)
But anyways, I was with Sister T and we were going to stay the night in the city because we had training the next day, and we would go to a city that we've never heard of. But, we decided, hey, as long as we´re here, why don´t we just go to ALA V. So we asked the assistants and they were awesome with it :D SO WE GOT TO GO TO ALA V TOGETHER!!!! We started everything that happened there and finished everything that we started there. Together. Gah. It was the best thing ever. We arrived there monday night and we decided to surprise the ward because they always have a huge Noite familiar. So we went there and they were literally talking about the two of us as we ran into the house with our clothes dripping wet because none of us brought an umbrella. It was pretty tense :) We run inside and everyone looks at us as if it were a dream. Everyone started screaming and freaked out. It was so flipping hilarious. And all the people that I love were there. It was WONDERFUL. SO we gave them all hugs and stayed there for the message. But do you want to know what the best part was? We got to see A and her family. And L ran up and gave us a hug, and A ran up and gave us a hug, and said that we should never leave. I missed them soooo much. And that time there was so precious.

We also got to visit A and A. They have the priesthood and it was S who gave it to them! Gosh, I think this is my favorite part. Seeing the growth in everyone. See how everyone has changed, how they´ve become strong, and how much has changed in them. I already said it in the email of photos, but it was the sweetest things to see A and A, they started talking about how the gospel changed them and how much we did and that they´ll never forget everything that we did. A started to cry and thanked us for everything. That touched my heart sooo much <3 I loved that sooo much :)
Tuesday we had one on one time with A and S. It was the best thing ever. It felt like home. We reaffirmed how important it was to keep being strong and going on until the end and bore our testimony to them and reminded them of the importance of the Gospel. I LOVE THAT FAMILY SOOO MUCH. It was seriously so natural to be there. They are one of my favorites here on the mission <3

Training! I have a picture of the newbie, but for some reason, it didn´t pass on the computer so i´ll send it next week :) We stayed there and learned and did all the welcoming and stuff and then took a bus at 6 to get back home at 10:15. It was a bit rough. Poor girl. Rough first day for her.
About Sister B. SHE IS GREAT :) She´s dedicated and has the purest testimony every. She´s the only member in her family and found the church when she prayed at 15 years old. She´s a hard worker and loves everything and is doing everything to do her best. She basically doesn´t need to be trained ;) , but i´m trying my best to teach her and also learn with her too! :) I think we´ll do a lot of stuff together here in Prudentopolis (Celestialtopolis ;))
Thursday was good too! It was so much fun working with a greenie because everything is so new to them. Things that i´ve seen over and over and over are all new to her, and everything is so raw and genuine. I love that. Gah. I love seeing everything. And seeing how nervous they are for convites batismais. But she killed it. I´d do the sign to her and she´d look over and talk and invite real fast :)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
All good. Happy things. Learned a lot.

Gotta go, my time is short :) Love you guys!!!

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