Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm a Grandma!

So. I became a mom and a grandma/aunt/step mother, I´m not actually sure what you call it yet, all in the same day. I´m training! WHOOOHOOO :) I´m so excited to excite her and show her how awesome it is to be a missionary! And I´ll be an STL these last 2 transfers. I think this is very clever of President to keep me from being trunky ;) But i´m ready to go out strong! 

Good things

I tried corn icecream. It was interesting. It was corn icecream with grape ice cream. It was interesting.

Did you know that miracles happen when you are tempted? It´s funny. At times I´m tempted to walk a little slower to pass by 5 minutes more faster instead of deciding to do contacts. But when that happened this week, we decided to ignore it and knock another door, It´s funny that the first door we knocked after we were tempted to walk to our lunch which was SUPER FAR, was opened for us and let us in! WHAT.

We found a familia that reminds me of A <3 It´s a family of 5. M, J, C, L, e M. They are the cutest most wonderfulest things ever. We left them a book of mormom, and returned and they all read it as a family and went to church this week! WHAT? I love them. And she was the only one in Gospel Principles that participated! It reminds me so much of A <3 So stubborn and isn´t afraid to speak :) I love them so much. Just in the two times we visited them we´re so chill and I love them so much :)

I got new shoes! We contacted someone and while we were teaching, she told me that me shoes were all torn up and asked if I wanted some shoes that she had. She had reason, I had forgotten to super glue them that day ;) They were exactly my size! Little miracles :)

A is doing great too! It´s another family that went to church! I love her. She is so humble <3 :) I love meeting all these people :) Ana is very special to me becuase she doesn´t know how to read, but she says that she prays about everything we teach and she feels good. And with A we have the opportunidade to teach everything simple. I love that. Yesterday we taught the Plan of Salvation, using the hymn, I am a child of God. I love the Primary song book! :)

Bad things

For some reason I could not sleep monday and tuesday night. I think I stayed up until 2 thinking on monday night and woke up at 5. WHAT. Needless to say. I giggled all of wednesday and half of thursday until I was almost literally falling asleep in the lessons, but, because of this, I had a miracle! Tuesday night the same thing happened. So many thoughts running through my head, at about 12 I said a little prayer, and I pleaded and said that I was really tired and needed to sleep a lot. I asked him, If it were according to his will that I could be able to sleep after I sang I am a child of God. All three verses. And guess what happened?!?!?!?! Exactly that. I finished and started to sing the first three lines of the first again and BAM. I LOVE MIRACLES!

I saw something that really made me mad and sad. On Tuesday when we were walking, I had a Nephi on top of the tower moment. We were walking, and I see this Old man (probably the little boys dad or grandpa) drunk as ever, and an 11 year old walking trying to keep him up and lifting him to his Grandpa´s house. And here it is, this little 11 year old trying to support the weight of his grandpa. Well, the grandpa is so drunk that he falls down and starts bleeding and the 11 year old absolutely embarrassed and worried, and sad, and everything at the same time. We ran over to help the old man get up and guide him to his house. Gah. It made me so frustrated. Who deserves to go through that? The last thing I want to see is an 11 year old having to deal with a drunk family member. He didn´t deserve that. And that poor little kid torn by probably love and embarrasment... Gah. It just made me real frustrated with the world. I was pretty frustrated the whole day. Not even mentioning that we ran into one of our LA´s drunk as ever too going home to her 11 year old daughter. It was really a Nephi praying on the tower moment. And smelling marijuana and seeing these people stuck in bars smoking. It just made me really sad. 11 year olds are so stinking innocent. They don´t and shoudln´t pass through things like this.

Anyways, I love you guys a lot and am excited to hear about your week! I´ll make sure to keep you guys updated on the adventures that we´re gonna have in these two transfers! :) Be good, Love your life, and just go get em :)

Sister Parco 

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