Monday, November 17, 2014

Proof vie Rock Paper Scissors

Funny moments

So I was talking to one of our neighbors and said ´´Esta bonita hoje!´´ Saying that the weather today was beautiful, but she misinterpreted it and said ´´obrigada´´ and said thank you. So here she was thinking I was talking about her when I was talking about the weather. So awkward... 

This isn´t actually that funny, but proof that God wants us to pray. There was a LA that didn´t want to pray but I told him that we should do rock paper scissors and if I won he should pray. Well there was divine help because I always lose rock paper scissors. I won and he prayed :) And it was awesome seeing him after. He´s been LA for 4 years and after the prayer, he told me that´s it´s been a while that he has prayed. And I said ´´feels good huh?´´ And he nodded. Such a special moment. So Heavenly Father doesn´t just help us when we´re tired, but in the little things too! Even rock paper scissors! :) 


Everyone asked about the wedding. We´re good! :) I´m still stressed. But I´m always stressed... ;)  We tried on the dresses with her this week and this week they chose songs that they are going to use to walk. Hahaha Sidney said that it´d be awesome if they´d walk with ´´I am a child of God´´ CONVERSION :) But I think they decided on can you feel the love tonight :) We´re gonna go to a family home evening with them and a lot of the people from the ward tonight :)

A. and Ar.. They´re good. They´re just gonna take some time. It was awesome with Ar. because we´ve been stressing on reading the Book of Mormon every day, and we hadn´t seen much change in him. But last time with him, he looked at us and said... ´´why didn´t laman and lemuel not want the fruit?´´ WHAT Turns out he read until the vision and is still reading. He´s changed a lot. In the beginning it was like ´´yeah, sure, read the bible for us´´ Now he asks who is gonna pray, and what we´re gonna read today :) He´ll get there :) You guys can pray for him if you guys want! :)

We had a feira of Family History. It was pretty cool. Ahh! Fair. We had a family history fair. It was pretty cool. Everyone brought their stuff from their past. And the past of their grandparents and great grandparents.

Things that I´m excited for

PRIMARY PROGRAM IS NEXT WEEK. I always get teary eyed when I hear kids singing. I love watching them. I´m so prideful even though none of them are my kids. Is that weird? I can´t wait to see Am. sing :) Gah. I´m so excited. 

Hey, I love you guys so much and I LOVED reading every one of your letters and just enjoy them so much :) Did you know that I stinking love you guys? It´s true. I love hearing about your lives :) I hope you are all great! Make changes. Do the right things! Stay awesome! LOVE YOU!

Sister Parco 

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