Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Empty Field

This week was awesome! We were blessed to see that baptism of A and it really was something special :) It was so awesome to see him grow :) He started as a boyfriend that was only taking the lessons because his girlfriend made him to a man that is Reading the scriptures and praying and that felt the spirit and that is having a testimony and getting baptized :) He´s so awesome and I love seeing him smile and knowing that he is feeling the spirit :) And, with the baptism, we met some amazing people and had members come up to us to say that they wanted to bring a friend over to be taught in their house! In fact, we´re going to a Family home evening and teaching there :)

Things I learned

Well. First of all. I learned that if it´s late at night, it´s a saturday and you see that the Bishop is calling, you should pass the phone to your companion, because usually all these signs mean that Bishop is going to ask you to give a talk the next day that has to be 10 minutes. Definitely learned my lesson with that ;)

I love hymns. I´ve been trying to think of Christ more than I have been so I decided that évery time that I felt ´´off´´ or just not as excited as I am that I would sings primary songs in my head. And man does that work! I love singing. Even if it is in my head.

The Area

We´ve been trying real hard in every área, and it´s funny because I don´t know why we didn´t listen to the prophet before, because he said that it´s time for missionaries and membros to work together. And Although we Always gave our best in every single one of our áreas, it didn´t work as well because we weren´t following the prophet! :) So me and Sister H are really going at it here with membros and I absolutely love it :) To share some of the joy I have with them really is rewarding :) We pass a message about missionary work, and then together with the Family, we kneel at the end and say a prayer to help us know who they can invite and for missionary work to work Wonders here in this wonderful área. It is the most wonderful feeling kneeling together with families and pleading to Heavenly Father to help us. There was one Family that I absolutely loved. We all sat together talking and we asked if they had anyone in mind. The two parentes looked at eachother and quickly responded no, but then we hear the 9 year old boy say that ´´I have someone´´ I was just like ´´atta boy´´ It´s amazing that even at such a Young age the kids know the importance of the gospel and the fact that it truly does bless families. And he offered the closing prayer and he prayed and very simply asked Heavenly Father to help him be a better missionary. Seriously the cutest thing <3 I love kids. I want some some day :)

Anyways, with all that said, we are recieving a lot of references and the members are on fire here! It´s just great! [[Yes that is a hint for the home Ward ;) ]]

But it´s going great. We thought this was the best way to go about missionary work here, because ala 5 is pretty rich, so we´ve got to think out of the box :)

Something I think you´d like (and I like too ;) ) is our plan during the night. So, me and sister H were thinking about how to be more excited. And we thought about some times at night when everything falls through and that we have nothing to do but knock doors at 7 to 9 at night. Which is a horrible time because everyone get´s back from work, is tired, wants to rest, and is probably eating.. So we decided, hey, let´s make a game out of this. We decided that if all our compromissos fall through, we´d continue knocking doors through the night, and if we were able to enter into a house, we could buy a hot dog :) It´s the best plan ever. Because we are so stinking excited to knock doors after a tiring day and after  being rejected so many times and after everything falling through. AND. We get a hot dog at the end. Which is a true blessing because Hot dogs here are THE BOMB. So depending on how this goes, we could be really big by the end of this transfer or really skinny ;) But eather way, we´re excited to knock doors at night! :)

The peeps

So we met M and A this week! They are perfect! A has already gone to church and has already read the book of mórmon and fel that she has gotten na answer! And her dad himself said that he would prefer that she joined the mórmon church than any other church! Turns out he loves the church but doesnt love the rules ;) But we can work on that ;)

E is proof that our hot dog plan Works! ;) Hahaha she is the cousin of a menos ativo and she is so ready! She said she felt so good when we were teaching. I just wanted to scream ´´that´s the spirit! Isn´t it awesome?´´ But we´re going back this week :)

Other stuff

So, the talk went really good! The first person only spoke for about 3 minutes, so I had to make it up and talk for 15 minutes :) But it went great! I wasn´t even nervous and the members said that I sounded brazilian and when they were hearing it wasn´t obvious that I was na american! :) It was so awesome! But it went well, and of course it was about missionary work ;) I hope I inspired some of them! ;)

C na 8 year old get baptized this week and I loved it so much. It reminded me about my baptism :) <3 It felt soo good. And looking at her getting baptized just made me so happy that I had the chance to get baptized at 8 :) <3 I love this gospel so much <3 :)

I love you guys so much! I love this área. I love the church. I love difficulties I love life! Be good!

Sister Parco

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