Sunday, April 27, 2014

Plastic Coverings

My week

This week wasn´t bad at all. A little emotionally draining and physically draining. I don´t know why, maybe because I am not sleeping well but it was. I was just down a bit on my teaching skill and language. But hey, it made me realize how dumb I was being and that it will all come in time ;) I always have a tendency to run faster than I have strength, Who can name that quote?!?! :) So i´ll just have to relax a bit and rely a bit more on the Lord. And everything will be just fine! Not easy, but just fine :)


I think this week was one of the more emotional weeks with L. This week he decided he wouldn´t do treatment. That he´s going to leave and try to stop in the place he is going, which we know is impossible. And to be honest, it killed me and Sister P. Absolutely killed us. We´ve visited him so much and we just want him to be able to do this, but it seems that no matter how hard we try, he falls. And I hate to see him like that. We really want what is best for him and he really can do this, but I guess it will just take time. But hey, we´re still visiting, with his decision, and in fact, we had a Family Home Evening with him and his mom last night which was fun! :) So hey, just pray that he´ll be able to stop this addiction :) It will all come in time ;) We just don´t know how much ;P

Words of wisdom

Don´t buy a churro for you and your companion without first asking for the price. Because then you´ll pay 3 bucks for each churro when they are normally 1.50. Absolutely killed me. Never again. ;P


OUR AREA IS SPLITTING!!!! SO that means 4 sisters in one house. HECK YES. I love that :) It´s going to be so insanely fun and I´m so stinking excited!!!! We got new tables, new beds and pretty soon new friends! Me and Sister P are staying together (Whoop whoop!) in the area that has most of our investigators and 2 sisters, a hispanica and a fresh newly grown american is going to live with us! I was thinking of pretending that I´m a brazilian for the first 10 minutes, think I can pull it off? ;)

Plastic coverings

So turns out that even though I´m close to 20, I still act like a teenager and irresponsible (Sorry mom, probably not going to change...) One day we were making or heating something up in the microwave that we got about 3 weeks ago and I kept smelling plastic burning. And I looked everywhere and couldn´t find what was making the smell. But yes, lo and behold, we completely forgot to take of the plastic on the microwave. And yes. there were directions on how to take it off and that we should take if off before use. But. With this irresponsibility comes 1 good thing! A not so very good comparison from me this week ;) Enough said. Read the instructions. You don´t know how much it will make a difference :) And what instructions do we have in life? SCRIPTURES! Scriptures are just sitting there and waiting to be read! They have so much to tell and so much for you to learn. But you have to sit and read. And then when you understand, you got to cut off the plastic wrapper off the microwave, or else you are going to have semi heated food and not have an idea of why it´s only semi heated. So read. Read everysingle day :) They are truly wonderful :) 

Anyways. That is my week in a nut shell. I hope your guyss week was awesome! I love to be here and every day I am reminded of the hand that the Lord has in our lives everyday :) And I learned that we have so much we need to improve on. I see my faults and all that I´m lacking every day. I´m grateful for a loving saviour that makes up for the rest. We truly are blessed to know everything that the saviour has done for us, and we can repay him every day by being our absolute best! I love you all!!!

Sister Parco

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