Sunday, February 2, 2014

Licoln Logs


I met this absolutely wonderful lady named C. She is awesome and is one of our investigators. She is the sweetest thing :) And I don´t know why but when we are sitting at church, she sits there and talks and talks and talks and I absolutely love it :) A lot of people don´t talk because they think I can´t understand (which is true in groups of like 7 people but not one on one ;) ), but she just told me everything and asked questions and we sat there having a grand old time. But that wasn´t even the popper. While we were talking, she just casually leaned over and said,´I prayed last night, and I cried when I was talking to my Heavenly Father´´ I don´t know why, but that made me smile so wide. You have no idea. A first prayer is so amazing and so stinking powerful. I just love it. It makes me smile. Big.

So. Apparrently ´´Minha voz a calma pessoas´´. Two people this week in the middle of teaching stopped and said. ´´Wow. Your voice is so soothing and calming. This is exactly what I wanted to feel´´ So. Apparently I have a really calming and soothing voice. Who would have thought, huh? ;) I´m hoping i´ll have the same affect when I return..... ;)

Guess who read a whole chapter of the Book of Mormon out loud with her companions and only mispronounced 5 words? This girl! ;) Heck yes. Almost there peeps.

Guess whats:

Guess who gets to grow another 3 inches. Yes. Sister M. Who is already like 6 feet. The world is unjust. ;) But I'm not jealous because she has a problem with her back and is in pain. I give a lot of props to her ;) But growing. Who knows. It might happen.

Activities of the week.

NOITE FAMILIARS. FHE! We had a ton this week with non members and with our investigators and it is wonderful! If you´re not having FHE (For those of you who don´t know, a time where you set a time with you and your family, have a lesson relating to the gospel, and then eat and play games) , have it. Because it´s tons of fun and wonderful. Goodness. We had the best time with G and P, C, and R. Everyone is so kind and sweet here :) And family time is so needed because let´s be real here. Talking about the gospel is probably the funnest thing ever ;)

Lincoln logs

So. Aparently I´m stuck in this childhood phase where I can only think of slinkies, water balloons and lincoln logs, but here we go... So. Remember those gorgeous things that we all used to play with as a child? The oneswhere you´d carefuly place a log down with a good structure, then those littleones, then a window or a door here or there? Well pretend that the lincoln log set that we´re playing with is endless and that you lost the little plastic roof things that went with it. Andthen pretend that that lincoln log structure is us. Because if you think about it, we are built little by little each day and have the ability to improve everyday. Could be a small little wood block, could be one of those huge ones with 4 spaces. Either way, all of the little pieces have to conect in order for the next piece to fit. It´s kind of like building ourselves. Everything counts. The little pieces. The big pieces. I´ve been thinking how much we need to do.All of us are imperfect. We have so much we can work on. I have been studying christlike attributesthis week and it made me realize that there is no end. We (I) canalways be more humble . We (I) can always be more patient We(I) can always have more faith. But we can´t stop building. doesn´t matter whether I used a little block ora huge 4 piecer. We just need to build. Our Savior Jesus Christ was perfect. And his Lincoln Log house is the bomb diggidy. Endless. Perfect in every single aspect. I never really realized the humbleness and amazingness of Jesus Christ. When we think we are humble, we don´t even compare to him. It´s amazing if you think of it.Knowing all that he suffered and all the shame andheartache he went through. It makes me want to try harder.How wonderful it is to have a wonderful example like our dear Savior Jesus Christ!

Sorry if that was a little wobbly (haha get it?) and a bit scattered.. but hey, I thought of it yesterday...

Sorry I didn´t write much, I sent a lot of pictures though!! I love you all soooo much and think of you all always!! :)


Sister Parco

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