Monday, February 3, 2014

Wooden Sculpters

Things I learned

When you see a fruit on the side of the strreet that looks spikey. Don´t grab it. Because your experience will be similar to that of grabbing a fire hydrant pole

Don´t trust me to guide you on the onibus. I had to guide some sisters somewhere and I thought it was the right onibus but yep. We definitely returned to the same exact station... My thoughts? Awww snap......

Just because it looks like fruit loops doesn't mean it tastes like fruit loops

We cleaned the chapel for a good 1 and a half hours this week! Nothing much there. Just reaffirmed my theory that male bathrooms are always worse to clean, no matter what country ;)


Cutest thing ever. One of our investigators that is 15 called during the week, (he is an atheist and we are teaching him and inviting him to pray) Anyways, he called and said, you guys said if I needed anything I could call right? Well, turns out the parents of his house had a pretty bad fall out,so we told him to come and bring his book of mormon and we would talk about everyting for a little while. It literally made me so happy :)

So guess who went on splits with a spanish sister that only had 3 weeks on a mission. AND GUESS WHO COULD UNDERSTAND THE PEOPLE AND CONVERSE WITH THEM?!?!? HECK YES. It´s happening people. ;) I could understand and guide the lesson. Yes, there were parts where I nodded and bore my testimony afterwards, but it was awesome! ALREADY. Miracle I tell you. 

HAHAHAH So we were cleaning the chapel and we locked all the doors and guess what we did, we left the fan on. So, instead of being rational and reopening the doors guess what we did. Yup grabbed a pole that was about 7 feet long, stuck it though the window and turned off the fan that way. Seriously the funniest thing ever!!! HAHAHAH Here we are 3 missionaries. Looking like we are vandelizing the church ;)


Daniel. He´s so awesome. Theres a popper for that. ALSO. I wrote in my journal in portuguese. Didn´t even realize it! AGAIN. It's happening. Also. I couldn´t remember the word atheist and had to look it up in the dictionary heck yes. Let it begin.


GUESS WHO FOUND PEANUT BUTTER. AND GUESS WHO SPENT 30 bucks on a small case of chunky and a small case of creamy. Yup. Me. Sorry, that should end in a question mark, but I can´t find it for some reason.... Also. Heard "Just Give Me a Reason" but in portuguese here. It was the weirdest thing!

(Also, pops, when we were painting A's house, there was some jazz playing and it made me think of you! It´s funny because I actually miss listening to jazz. So we´ll have to do that when we get back. Funny how that works huh?)

Also, my companion had a dream that we brought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to church. Missionary probs.... 

We had a water balloon fight for our pday as a district! AND i have photos, but I forgot to bring my cord. I will repent again. I promise. ;)

SO, in the middle of this letter we had a huge storm and all the lights went out. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. The rain was super crazy. But, We found another computer place, so that is lovely! And here we are now. but guess what we as irresponsible missionaries did? Yup. We left the windows open. All of them. And our floor is sopping wet, and all our stuff is drying from the fan. Talk about an adventure ;) Did I talk about the weather here? It is crazy.

Wooden sculptures

So. Read Ephesians 2:19-22. And then try to tell me that you aren´t specifically made. Just as the church of Jesus Christ during his time, we are fitly put together to form an amazing sculpture. A master piece. A master piece that was created by a loving wooden crafter. That etched and scraped at every single groove of each of his creation. Making the nose a little different on one, and a hand completely different on the other. Every single small divine detail was made. It was made delicately and with a purpose. And our woodcrafter knows every single detail that he made, every single groove on this marvelous sculpture.So think of that and tell me that you are not important. Tell me that you´re just a normal person. Tell me that you don´t matter. And then I´ll tell you you´re something special. Something specifically made. Everything has a purpose. Everything is simple. Everything is planned. Everything is made for our hapiness. Cool huh?
As always. I love you all soooo much! More than you know! Be good. Remember who you are. Because you´re awesome! And the best! And wonderful! And I love you and miss you guys. Just so you know ;) Anyways, i´ll send photos next week!

Sister Parco

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