Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Water Balloons

First of all. I don´t know how long I can keep this up. I´m running out of things to compare. One day i´ll probably compare something to dirt. Because that is all i´ll be able to think of... Anyways.


Remember the gate lady? Well, turns out that her relative needed our help. Funny how God plans things that way huh? Turns out her relative lost her mom in a car accident and has a brother that was severely injured in the accident that is living through a tube. It was horrible to see, but It was cool how much hope a person can get knowing what is going to come :) Also, we did more service! WOOOHOOO! We helped a lady cut her grass! She had literally been working on it for a while, and she was planning on cutting her grass with shears. Holy dang that would take for ever. SO we offered to help and went and borrowed a lawn mower (thank goodness hahahahah) and finished tidying up her lawn for her! We also helped A paint her house again which was absolutely wonderful! AND D hasn´t drank for about 3 weeks! It´s so amazing! It is wonderful to see him completely change! OH And G's Birthday! We brought a cake for her birthday and talked a bit about everything. We just had an FHE with her family and another family and it was awesome!!!

Things I learned

My camera is high tech! Just figured that out! I´ll show you through the pictures! PLEASE look up prayer in the bible dictionary. It helps you realize so many things. I wanted to tell you but I didn´t bring my journal.. haha. I FOUND A SECRET TO PORTUGUESE. Not really. But I think it works... Basically you take any english word, think of the fanciest word for it in english, and portuguese-aphy it. It really works

First timers

I mowed the lawn with one of those ancient mowers thats really heavy! Props to you pops. Those things are hard.... 3 month anniversary! It´s crazy how fast time flies!! Had my first break down. Hehehe me and sister lemes were alone without our trainer, and it was a very successful day, but the language really got to me that day. There were so many things to communicate and no way how. But that happened. And it was such a girl thing. But some things need to be done. But everytime we pass the same spot, we always pretend we´re gonna take a break and cry. I look back now and laugh at it :) Also! A guy said I look brazilian because I´m always smiling all the time :) That was pretty cool :) One day I want to actually convince people that I´m brazilian ;) I also saw Obama for the first time today! HE LOOKS OLD. Enough said.

I called raindrops here cats for the longest time and no one told me. So there´s that... ;) 

Sorry this is rushed... I am trying to have time to send pictures :)

Water Balloons

I´ve been thinking a lot about hope faith and confidence this weeek, because it´s an interesting topic. So related. So intertwined. Everything builds upon each other. And one affects the other. So, Clearly, or course, I thought of water balloons ;) Hope. What is hope? A desire. A yearning. A wish. A want. So many things. But what should we hope for or have hope in? Don't worry, the water balloons are coming ;) But I´ll address the process and get the things ready. First. we connect the hose. For us to have faith, we need to connect the hose, and we need to connect it to the right source. Dirt won´t give us water. Aimlessly leaving the hose on the ground doesn´t give us water. Any other source won´t give us water. But, the water faucet, (get it, living waters, i thought it was clever....) will give us water. All together, we need to have hope in God. Hope that he knows us. Hope that he knows our trials. our sorrows, our heartaches, our difficulties. Next, we need to act in faith, or, get out all the kinds out in the hose. Faith (works), means we´re going to do everything in our power to make what we are hoping for to happen. We wond´t fill that water balloon with a kinked hose. We examine every length of the hose and fix all the kinks. Maybe we have a long hose. Perhaps a mile. Or maybe it´s a shor one with only a few kinds. Either way, whether big or small, we have to unkink it, or else it won´t work. And now for confidence. We´ve got to actually physically turn that water on, and we got to turn it on on full blast. Confidence in your divinity. Confidence that God created you specifically. Confidence that there is a plan. Confident that he loves you more that you can imagine. Confident that you are exactly where he wants you to be. Confident that He exists and is Merciful. Then, when our confidence is on full blast, we will be able to fill those water balloons to the maximum. Because, clearly, water balloons that are huge and about to explode are far more better than the puny ones you give to people who don´t want to get wet ;) So fill up your water balloons and have a party. Because parties are wonderful. And that´s what we´re meant to do-be confident and enjoy every lick of life :)

I love you all so much! And hearing from you all always brightens my day!!!


Sister Parco

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