Friday, November 15, 2013

You're going to be really disappointed with my analogy today ;)

YELLOW! Hope you are all wonderful!!! Here e go!


I flipping love people. I hope you guys know that. The people are amazing here. Our companionship has gotten really close to a hispanic district and it is SO much fun! They always gather right in front of our door and we talk and sit and laugh and make jokes! It's amazing that even though we can hardly understand each other, we can still communicate. IT'S AWESOME! And boy do they know how to have fun! We sit, talk, laugh and take pictures. It's wonderful. I've also gotten really close to one of my roommates. She's hispanic but we get into these deep conversations. She's had a rough past which makes me feel so ungrateful. She is very special and I love to just sit and talk and try to use all the portuguese vocab I have to talk with her :) I love talking with her so much!

District lesson:

Every week we have someone who gives a lesson from our district. This turn was Sis F. It was amazing :) So you guys are going to do it to. Alright. picture in your heads someone that you do not get along with at all. The people that annoy you like crazy. Got it? Alright. Now we're going to draw a picture of that and put it on a target. After we do that we're gonna pull out some darts. You can throw as many as you want at the picture. Until you're satisfied. Okay. Done? Alright. Well. Turns out that under that target was a picture of Christ. The picture is torn, the pieces are ripped. He has holes in several places on the picture. Think about it. "If ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me" Totes deep, huh? I love it. I guess it reminds us that we all need to have christlike love for each other all the time :) I just thought it was a good lesson and I wanted to share it with you wonderful people :)

Random occurrences:

The electricity went out this week! It was fun!!! All the lights were off, and the air con wasn't working at all. AND it was in the night. Pretty scary. Turns out a huge part of the city lost power! So when you looked outside, it was completely black. It was actually pretty cool. And fun :) Other random occurrences. We met an Instructor this week. She spoke very good english! You're not gonna believe where she learned it. Yup. watching all 10 seasons of friends. Flipping hilarious :) And now she is going to Canada to study english to get a job here. Isn't that cool?!?!?! I thought it was awesome!!!! Another one. So. we had a sub that subbed our class. It's amazing the slangs the americans tell the brazilians. He was trying to be all ghetto in his brazilian accent saying things like the bomb diggidy and homie and it was so hilarious! I don't know why americans tell them of this. Probably the most unused slangs ever ;)

I'm gonna write in Portuguese just cause:
Analogy time: (Sorry that my letter is so short...)

This is what you are going to be disappointed with. You ready? Life is like a rollar coaster. Cliche, ne? I was just thinking how we don't really control our lives. God does. Just like being in a rollar coaster. Sure. You can decide what faces you're going to make when the camera goes off. Or stuff like that. But once you're strapped in. You're strapped in. You don't have the capacity to choose which way the rollar coaster goes. You have no choice at all. So you go through the rollar coaster. All the loops, ups, downs, and side things that are scary, and you wait. You can either put your hands up or sit there and scowl. You can complain how the bar is too tight on your legs or you can be grateful for the security it gives you. Either way. The roller coaster is going to go on whether you have a say in it or not. Don't worry, I wasn't on the wild thing this week, and at the current moment, I am broken down on the hill as it is escalating :) Anyways, my realization this week is that God is in control. He knows what you're going to do and the things that will help you. I'm not saying the free will is taken away by any means, but God truly does know the ways we will be taking. It's kind of comforting to know that though, isn't it? We got the roller coaster manufacturer on our side. Pretty sweet, eh?

Anyways. That was my very cliche and very unput together analogy. Hope it made sense ;)


Love always,

Sister Alyssa Parco



  2. Sharing your analogy with seminary kids...sure love you! Jen

  3. Great analogy. Enjoy the ride with the Lord's work. Grandpa Johanson