Friday, November 1, 2013

Life is like a police interrogation room

Hello All! I hope you are doing wonderful!!!!

My week:

I don't know why, but this week was harder than most. There were a lot of discouraging moments of language barriers and a lot of time was spent on my knees. But oh how blessed I feel. I'm here. I'm learning everyday. I'm meeting all these wonderful people. I'm growing. It really is a great thing. Sorry that I don't have more about my week, I will write down what happens this week so I can be more descriptive :)

So I've had a request at what I do all day. And I want you guys to know that I'm not goofing off ;)


I wake up at 6:30 and get ready until 7. Then I study scriptures for about an hour, then go to breakfast, then we go to this thing called tall. You basically put those airplane earphone things with the microphone thing and then you talk and practice. Muito legal :) Then Actividade Fisica! Believe it or not. You will see me hardcore working out during this hour. You ever been on pinterest to see the workouts? You should. Because they are painful. I have sweat pit marks to prove it. But I'm doing as much as I can, especially since they feed us like crazy here ;) Then I go to about 3 hours of class, have a break, then go to another 3 hours of class. Practice a lesson, and then plan for the next day. Then I get back at 9:45 and get ready for bed and wake up and start again! :) That's it :)


The teachers here are probably the coolest people ever. Brazilians are probably some of the most friendly people I have met. All the teachers teach us slang in there language and we know all the words that mean "awesome, cool, rad" They are so flipping hilarious :) I love them. Seriously. Irmao V is the nicest guy ever and he's just a plain goof. We always buy candy for them and throw it to them during class. Then Irmao R is really chill and can speak 4 languages! Crazy huh? They teach us a lot and their testimonies are amazing! They are literally my favorite. So 6 hours of class is still bearable ;)


Basic meal. Meat. A lot of meat. What I like to do is get lettuce, cut up the meat and then put rice and beans on top. Every meal. So gooooood :) They have wonderful meat here :) It's the desserts you ave to worry about ;) The first one i liked was yesterday. ICE CREAM. I don't think I could have gotten more excited. It was the most wonderful ice cream I've ever tasted. And I love churros. We get them at a stand and it's hallow on the inside so they fill it with fudge or dulce de leche. SO GOOD. I seem to talk about food a lot. So I'll Stop there ;)


Miracles do happen. For some reason. I can understand what the instructor is saying even though it is all in portuguese. It's the speaking back that is the hard part ;) But it's good. Thank heavens I don't have to roll my R's. RR's are h's. Man am I blessed. Thank goodness Heavenly Father knows I can't roll my RR's :)

Funny Moments:

I wish I just had a bunch of funny moments to tell you but there are so many. We all just hang out and laugh and talk. We just make jokes. I guess I could tell you about my nickname! The girls in my district call me pequina macacco. It means small monkey. I love it. Some of the Spanish Sisters here call me macacco too ;) So fun :) Let's talk about everyone here. They are wonderful! They are smiling and cracking jokes and just having a grand old time :) They are from all over South America. It's crazy how many different people you can meet! But that's about it for that :)

My district:

I love my district. We have 6 girls and 6 guys. We're all pretty tight. We talk all the time and hang out together everywhere! You might think going on a mission will take the humor out of you but it doesn't :) They are all hilarious and have wonderful senses (?) of humor :) OH! Our district leader, Elder L, well he is from Rochester, and guess what?!?!?!?! He was at the same party that I was at when I went to the Frei's! So I was probably introduced to him at Josh's Party. CRAZY HUH?!?!?!? Small world. And now we're in the same district :) Couldn't be more awesome!


It is seriously so beautiful here. The trees and flowers are so green and lively and beautiful! They can really make you smile


This week's devotional was on "The character of Christ by Elder Bednar" It is seriously so wonderful and really pushes you to be a better person. You guys should all look up the talk because it was great! And Holland. Just look up any talk by Holland and you'll love it. He is seriously a beast.


You should hold me to this. I think I will make an analogy of a random object every letter. Don't know how long it will last. But we shall see. Police interrogation room. Go easy. Still on little sleep. Life is like a police interrogation room. You're stuck in this room where you know of all the things you've done bad. You feel so guilty for anything you've done in your past or even how you're acting now. And then there's the mirror. Everyone knows there is someone behind it. But we never see them. All we see is our reflection. And all our flaws when we look into the mirror. BUT when you turn the lights off, like when you cup your hands around those kind of windows at grocery stores that are like this, you can see inside. Main point is. There is someone in the police interrogation room watching all your actions and fully knowing all the mistakes you have made. He makes note of it and takes careful notes of what he thinks you need. It's just like God. Sometimes we gotta be in the dark to actually see him there. Instead of looking at our faults and weaknesses, we can look at him. That's how it felt this week. Some times you have to get low to get the high. Sometimes you gotta let the police interrogation room get dark and lonely and scary before you can see the person attentively watching you inside. But you shouldn't doubt He's there. He's there. You just have to get past your own faults to see Him.

Gotta go. Love you all!!!

Sister Parco :) <3

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