Monday, March 16, 2015



Noite Familiar! We went over with the jovens about the new theme this year. O ye that embark. It was awesome! And we made carrot cake! Woohoo!



Took a bus to Curitiba. Alone. So weird. Got there and met up with Sister R to go to Gralha Azul together. Love at first sight. We were practically made for eachother. She is crazy and we had the best time that night. We were both going through the same things and we have the same personality. We already promised we´d go to eachother´s weddings. So we got there and it was Sister L´s birthday and me and Sister R decided to make a rap and a remix for her birthday. So we sat there dancing and singing for her. Then we made cake for her, but we accidently burned it because we were busy having a competition of throwing popcorn in the other persons mouth. Then we went to bed practically giggling. It was real nice to know her :) Sister D always told me that we´d get along really well, and we did! Speaking of Sister D, the was super painful. You know those moments where you realize that you probably won´t see the other person ever again? It was one of those moments when we said bye. So that stunk. But she´s thinking aobut going to BYU! So we´ll see how that works out :)


Meeting. Left at 3 to arrive in Prudentopolis. Okay. Probably scariest thing of my life (exageration). I got back here at 7:30, and the Sisters were in the middle of a lesson, and I was there in a sketchy rodoviaria, and yup. My phone was dead. I don´t like to be alone. But I decided it was better to go to a members house 5 minutes form the rodoviaria than sit there for an hour with a dead phone. I didn´t think that it´d affect me that much. But walking alone at night on the street was super weird and scary because I´m so used to having a person by my side. SO WEIRD. But I survived! ;) And when I got to the member´s house, I called my companions (because they were in a trio) BUT, The irma gave me crackers and juice! :)


So, this week was a week of patience that we are studying together, all the girls. I really learned a lot more about patience and about humbling myself to accept the Lord´s time. This friday we had an interview and she passed and was excited, but then the next day, she got discouraged and her therapist told her that it was better to not go through with it. Everything was against us in that moment, and we had to really trust that the Lord would keep His promises. I realize how valuable it is to have patience. The Lord, He truly knows best. I trust in that 100%. I felt a little discouraged with my self, because in these moments, I should´ve had more faith than I had. Because I know that everything has a reason, and that these moments we need to trust in Him even more. I´m very grateful for the attributes of Christ. I have learned a lot while I´ve been here and have so much to learn. I´m so glad for our weaknesses and a person that knows us more than we do. I was reading a talk about patience this week, and I thought that something was really intersting. It talked about how we need to know our strengths AND weaknesses to know our limitations to know how to be patient with ourselves. Isn´t that interesting? I love that. I always run faster than I have strength. I love weaknesses. I love being humbled. I love the Lord showing me what I need to do. I love repentance. I love change :) I love progress. The Lord is pretty great :)

The sticers of my name fell off. And just stayed the letters PRO And I decided that our family has to create an air conditioning company. It would be called Air conditioning pros.


Isnt that the coolest thing ever?

Random thought over. I love you guys! :)

Sister Parco 

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