Monday, March 23, 2015

A Good Week

Good moments

We had noite familiar that was awesome. It was my turn to give it and we talked about knowing which side we were facing and what we are doing to prepare to return back to heavenly father. It went pretty well. We talked aobut the different things that could bring us to the wrong path and the things that could bring us to the right path. And I had every single one of them try to shoot a basket in the trash can in the beginning saying that if they made it they would be saved, but the trash can was super far away from them. All of them missed and I joked about how all of them missed their salvation and were swimming in a lake of ashes ;) But then we talked about how our decisions in our life can bring us closer to the basket or farther away and how we should always be working hard to make the decisions to bring us closer to the basket so that we can gain our salvation. Then we ate cake! :)

On tuesday we met T's mom. Thais is a teenage girl that has been in the church for one year. She met the missionaries a year ago and entered the church alone, even though all of her family and extended family was against it. It was super hard for her, but she is still going on strong. Well, anyways, we didn´t know where she lived and one day we were knocking on doors and found her house. We started to talk and realized that she was T's mom. Not gonna lie, at first I was scared, because I didn´t know how T felt about her mom or if she wanted us to wait but I thought, ´´What the hey, lets just go for it.´´ So we presented our purpose and asked if we could share a message with her, and she said yes! And loved it and marked another day! :) That wasn´t even the best part :) I saw T the other day and she came up to me and kissed me on the head. Which was super weird, but she was so stinking excited. She told me that her mom told her that she met with us and marked another day. T said that she played cool, but after her mom told her that she went to the bathroom and cried because she was so happy :) Those are the moments that I love :) So we´ll see how that goes this week :)

D is doing great! Sorry I haven´t talked about her before. Laziness.... ;) But she´ll be baptized this week :) And T´s doing okay, but everything will work out for her :)


I don´t even remember any of the bad moments this week. Probably becuase there are few ;) I love you guys and I can´t wait to see your faces! It´s freaking me out!


Sister Parco

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