Monday, January 13, 2014


A lot of wonderful things happened this week! We met so many wonderful families that were so amazing and so wonderful!!!! I also got a new companion! SISTER L! I love her! She is so awesome! She is a goof like me and has the same personality as me. We get along well and teach well together. In fact, me and her were alone this week because sister M went on divisions, and our day was awesome! So productive and just happy! We have a game that is the same as slug bug but it´s called fusca. And then we try to wave to every person on the street with the biggest smile ever and try to get them to smile :) So much fun! People here are a little more closed on the street so we celebrate when we get someone to smile :)

One of my favorite people that we are teaching this week is G and P! They are wonderful! They are a great family that is very interested. But they aren´t married. At first glance it was hard to guess that they´d be perfect because the guy had that motorcycle slicked back hair and tattoos. The scary type. But, he is so sweet with his kids and he´s so awesome!!!! They are all reading and learning so much!!!!

Another experience was with a lady we met named S. We were just walking and probably joking and we see this lady cleaning this huge fence. We approached her and asked if she needed help :) Hahahahaha she thought we were joking with her. She asked about 4 times until we told her we were going to run back and get our clothes for cleaning. Seriously. I have never been more happy to clean a fence ;) I love helping people! We just sat there cleaning the fence and talking to her. She was telling us all her views about everything and how religion has played a role in her life. It was great. AND we finised in the same day. A job that would have taken 3 days alone! After 3 hours, we talked with her for a while and she gave us all these people that she wanted us to talk to! It was miraculous! And we just sat there smiling the whole time :) Cleaning has never been so much fun ;)

One more. There was a lady on the street one day. She stopped and we introduced ourselves. She stopped us after that and she said she needed to hear the word of God. We quickly picked a scripture. Ether 12:27 I think it was and read it out to her. While we were reading it she started crying and thanked us so much for it and we gave her a Book of Mormon. I think that was exactly what she needed to hear. Funny how the Lord works in mysterious ways, huh? ;)

Anyways, that´s pretty much it. Sorry that that was a bit scattered. I´ll try to be better next time :)

Tightrope. So, I´ve been thinking a lot about the gospel in our lives lately and I read a scripture in 2 Nephi 9:41. And in the middle it talks about how the path is narrow but straight. And I sat thinking. TIGHTROPE. So here you go for another one of my long stretched analogies ;) If you think about it this life and the gospel of Jesus Christ is a tightrope. We start at one platform and have to get to the other. And like it said in the scriptures. It´s going to be narrow. Meaning, that it´s going to be difficult. A tight rope isn´t something you can cross while running. You need to hesitantly put one foot in front of the other. Careful that you are keeping your balance. Taking it slow, and possibly backtracking sometimes. And sometimes you're gonna look at others on their tightropes that perhaps have more practice and are going faster than you. But you put one foot in front of the other. Always keeping your eye on that rope. Because, frankly, this life is so difficult. And there isn´t much wiggle room. The thing about the tight rope though is that you´ll always get to your destination. Becuase there is only one destination. But there is only one path. And although it is narrow. It is direct and leads you to where ou need to go. Life isn´t easy. Following the gospel isn´t easy. But it is direct. And it´s going to lead us to where we need to go. I´m grateful for the gospel in my life and am grateful for my Heavenly Father and his beloved son.

Stay strong! Love the Lord! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Sister Parco

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