Saturday, September 21, 2013

What I'll be doing :)

While getting ready to leave I have gotten a few questions about what I'll be doing while I'm in Brazil. So, while I'm bored and have plenty of time to do this, I thought I would give a quick description of my daily activities in Brazil!

Ultimately, my purpose is to serve the people I am around and invite them to come to Christ. As I'm in Brazil, I will go from area to area every six weeks staying in either apartments or living with a host family. In every city, I will be paired up from a random girl from anywhere around the world (Most-likely the United States, Brazil, Portugal, or anywhere where the main language in their country is Portuguese). While I'm with them, we will live, work, and yes, attempt to cook to feed ourselves together. (Thank goodness I at least know how to make rice! ;) ) While I'm out there, I do not get to choose the cities that I go to but am called to where I am needed.

While I'm out there my routine will consist of me waking up at 6:30 am to exercise/shower/get ready, eat breakfast by 8, study the scriptures by myself for one hour, study scriptures with my companion for an hour, study Portuguese for an hour, and then come back at 9:00. While I'm out, I will meet new people, teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and do service projects. After coming back at 9, I will head to bed at 10:30.

That's it!

Mormon Lingo!
District: Group of about 5 other missionaries that I meet with every week
Zone: Group of many districts
Mission President: A president accompanied with his wife that is in charge of the youth serving in our area. They watch over us and help us throughout our mission.
CTM: Where I'll be receiving instruction on the language, how to become immersed in the culture and how to teach the gospel effectively
Companion: The girl I'm paired up with! :)
Trainer: The more experienced missionary that helps the newer missionary when they are out of the CTM and in the place they're serving (In my case, Curitiba Brazil! :) )
P-day: This is one day of the week where we can write home, do our laundry, and shop for the week!
Sacrament meeting: This is the equivalent of church meetings. The sunday service begins with the blessing and passing of the sacrament. Sacrament is equivalent to the communion in other churches. In these meetings, we hear three speakers which are assigned from the congregation. The three speakers are different every week.
Ward: Our church geographically organizes the different wards. This is so that the members of the church can go to a church which is most convenient to them. In most cases we call each ward by the name of the city that most of the people live in.
Stake: A group of 7-8 wards
Testimony meeting: This happens once a month in our church. It is usually on the first Sunday of the Month. In testimony meetings, members of the congregation can come up and share their thoughts and feelings about the gospel. Unlike other weeks, the speakers are not assigned, but come up if they feel inclined.
Bishop: The Bishop is the unpaid leader of the ward. He has the same role as a pastor in other churches.

I hope that clears things up! :) I'm very excited to served and can't wait to have this amazing experience serving the people of Curitiba Brazil!

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